Getting Started

y'ello, in this section we'll walk you through getting up and running on our Mobile Money Open API. Here you will:

a)Signup For An Account

b)Subscribe To Our Products

c)Manage Your Subscriptions

d)Generate API User and API Key

1. Signup For An Account

2. Subscribe To Our Products

On the products page on our developer portal you should see 4 items you can subscribe to:

  • Collection Widget

  • Collections

  • Disbursements

  • Remittances

Each product will have a dropdown with a brief description, a link to the corresponding documentation and Subscribe button on the Products page.

3. Manage Your Subscriptions

Developers are issued a Primary Key and Secondary Key for every product.

Both primary and secondary Subscription key provides access to the API. Without one of them a developer cannot access any of the APIs. Subscriptions are stored under the user profile and have no expiry.

Here you can view the status of the package, date it started, conduct cancellation or activation actions, and also show or regenerate your Primary Key and Secondary Key

4. Generate API User and API Key

You are now almost ready to start we building with our Mobile Money Open API. The next thing we need to do is to Provision the API User and API Key using the Sandbox Provisioning API. We do this in the next section.